Radiotastic Features

Radiotastic makes it easy to listen and record Internet radio from your dashboard.

Features include:

  • Listen to Internet radio streams
  • Add your favourite stations and streams
  • Record audio (requires upgrading to Pro) as AIFF, AAC or Apple Lossless (suitable for iPod)
  • Run multiple widgets simultaneously, so you can listen to one stream while recording another (*Tiger only, not yet supported on Leopard)
  • Supports the most popular radio stream formats: RealAudio, MP3, QuickTime, WindowsMedia streams.


“Love the Radiotastic widget.”

- Leigh (User)

"Great implementation of radio services for the dashboard!”

- Ralph (User)

It truly lives up to it's name.

- Richard (User)

“Your Radiotastic is a really good widget, I like it because it's so small and easy to use.”

- Michael (User)

“Your product is fantastic and I like the user interface a lot.”

- Justin (User)

I adore Radiotastic... Thanks for a brilliant little widget.”

- Simone (User)