RadioLover Features

RadioLover makes it easy to record and split iTunes radio and streaming MP3 radio into individual MP3 songs, which can be played back on an iPod, or burnt onto CD for listening in a car.

Features include:

  • Record MP3 Internet radio streams as individual MP3 songs
  • Songs are automatically tagged with artist, album, radio station and track number
  • Schedule recordings of your favourite shows
  • Record multiple streams at the same time
  • Split recordings by song, time, or size
  • Import from iTunes Radio Tuner
  • Drag and drop MP3 stations from iTunes and the Web (typically these are links that end with .pls)
  • International language streams supported
  • Supports thousands of Shoutcast compatible and M3U/EXTM3U style radio streams found on popular sites and in iTunes Radio Tuner
  • Wake computer from sleep for scheduled recordings
  • Assign custom recording styles for each stream


“A fabulous way to discover new music.”

- MacWorld (Mar 2004)

“I love your Radiolover software! I'm able to listen to my favorite internet radio stations on my iPod on the go. I've enjoyed experiencing new artists the most. Due to your great software I've purchased new music from both the iTunes music store as well as from record stores because of this great service.”

- Tim (User)

This software has changed my lifestyle. I can now time shift and listen to Jonathan Schwartz at WNYC in New York and I can time shift the jazz on KCSM.”

- Chuck (User)

Radiolover is wonderful and has saved my head as I live in the sticks and don't get to hear the music I listened to in the big city...

My wife dances flamenco and one station 'Tim's Flamenco' includes the names of tracks and the style of music (eg bulerias, tango, sevillanas) which is really helpful.”

- Chris (User)