CameraSafe Features

CameraSafe enables you to easily protect your valuable and secret photos from prying eyes and data thieves. Your most important photos deserve the most secure protection.

Features include:

  • Safe place for your valuable photos
    • Take photos with the camera
    • Import existing photos
  • Strong encryption of photos
    • Proven, industry standard, AES-256 encryption as used by governments and corporations globally
    • Uses the iPhone's built-in hardware accelerated AES encryption engine for performance
    • Your password for each account is never stored on the iPhone or anywhere else. It is your secret to remember.
  • Multiple anonymous accounts
    • Store photos in separate accounts
    • Create dummy accounts so you have plausible deniability if you are forced to give up a password
  • Simple, easy to use, familiar interface
    • Photo albums
    • Thumbnail gallery
    • Full screen slideshow
  • Secure wireless transfer of photos
    • Transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer with SSL (as used to protect shopping and banking on Internet websites)
    • Generate new SSL certificate at any time
    • Optional password authentication
  • Auto Lock
    • Inactivity timer in case you leave your iPhone lying around
    • Shake detection in case someone attempts to snatch your iPhone from out of your hands